Shampan HRM & Payroll

A human resources management system ensures everyday human resources processes are manageable and easy to access. It merges human resources as a discipline and in particular its basic HR activities and processes. Shampan HRM & Payroll software is used by businesses to combine a number of necessary HR functions, such as storing employee data, managing payroll, recruitment, benefits administration, time and attendance, employee performance management and tracking competency and training records. Shampan HRM & Payroll Software is a useful and essential for Human Resource Department of all enterprises. From fingerprint/face recognize attendance to ultimate detail financial payroll information of an employee including leave, PF & GF, appraisal etc. Through ESS portal an employee can see his/her loan status, leave position flawlessly. Shampan HRM & Payroll facilitate the HR department works faster, better and accurate for Payroll calculations. It based on the cutting edge technology and easy deployment process at earliest possible time. We ensure full time customer support by online and physically which makes easy and smooth running all the time.


Shampan HRM & Payroll Features

Web Based Application
User Centric Design
Automated Notifications
Common Service
Administrative Portal
Employee Self Service (ESS) Portal
Attendance & Leave Tracking
Leave and Attendance Reports
Payroll Management
Payroll & Benefits Management Reports
Integration with other ERP software
     Employee Management


  • Employee database includes the personal information, dependants, Job description, Job history, skill set, training history, education and work experience of employee.
  • Provides job management functionality to manage the employee relationship between employee and employer.
  • Provides the skill management functionality to management employees skill set.
    Leave Tracking


  • Creating unlimited leave code to track the employee absence or vacation.
  • Employee submits the leave request and checks the leave history on the ESS portal.
  • The approval of leave request updates the leave history of employee.
    Payroll and Benefit


  • Create unlimited earning and deduction code for payroll calculation, such as base salary, hourly salary, bonus, allowance, benefit, overtime pay, absence deduction, loan repayment, expense reimbursement and etc.
  • Payroll calculation, can be conducted with user-defined formula.
  • Set up income tax table and return formate per specific requirement.
Product Overview

Our system enables users to change requirements through common setup for employee management system & payroll processing system.

More Features

  • Features of HRM & Payroll system are employee management system, leave & attendance, payroll processing system.
  • Employee database includes the personal information, dependants, Job description, Job history, skill set, training history, education and work experience of employee.
  • Payroll calculation can be conducted with user-defined formula.
  • Maintains training course information,include course type, content, time, expense etc.
  • Maintains job opportunity for recruitment purpose. It defines, responsible, required skills, payroll & benefit information.
  • Sets up hiring workflow for each job opportunity to get every job application follow the specified hiring process.
  • Converts the external application to Employee or transfers the existing employee to another job.
  • Creates training Class with specific training course,instructor,location, start and end time, enrollment prerequisite etc.